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Septic Tank Cleaning

What is included in a Septic Tank Cleaning:

After we locate the tank

1.  Dig up the lids.
2.  Pump out the tank.
3.  Make sure the line from the house to the tank is flushing             (pull vacuum if necessary).
4.  Clean the filter (if it has one).
5.  Cover it back up.

We provide Inspection Letters to our customers with every clean out, free of charge.

We also try to cut out the grass or sod so that it can be placed back if possible.  We level and rake out when we are finished and try to leave the area as it was when we arrived.

Septic Tank and Drainfield Installations
Riser Installations
Baffle Repairs/Lid Replacements
Inlet Line Repairs/Clean out Installations
Downspout and Surface Water Diversions
Just about anything else that you would need done.  We are still very neighborly!